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Be careful, Don't Step on the offerings while on a tour in Bali

Be careful, Don't Step on the offerings while on a tour in Bali
While on vacation in Bali, you will see offerings ( offerings ) typical of Bali. Generally, these offerings are made from the leaf and filled with colorful flowers and various fruits or snacks. 

Sajen -sajen has spiritual value and respect for indigenous people of Bali especially Hindu Dharma. Canang sari is the religious ceremony (equipment) of Hindu Dharma for daily prayers.

The most common offering that can be seen in every corner of Bali is the canang sari. The shape is round or square and filled with colorful leaves and flowers, and given incense. The size is a palm. 

Usually, canang sari can be found on the street right next door to a shop or house. Canang sari can also be found inside houses, temples, shops, hotels, and several other places.

Nyoman Suani as Serati Banten (an expert in making Balinese special offerings), explained that tourists should not step on the canang or types of offerings that are often found when visiting Bali. 

Canang sari and other types of offerings are easily found at every intersection, fence, large tree, holy place, even on the road. 

"If you can't do it, don't step on it too, if you do it on purpose don't," explained Nyoman Suani, a Balinese woman whose daily job as Serati Banten when she was met at the janitor's booth at the National Cultural Week at Istora, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (8/10/2019).

He appealed to tourists to be careful. Don't step on, kick, and step over the offerings, especially with deliberate intentions.

"There are people who stepped on and even kicked, some of them possessed, some have returned to their original place and then returned to Bali to beg for forgiveness with spirits in Bali. It is indeed like that, not a myth," he explained. 

Although you do not believe in mystical things like this, it is better when visiting a place, as tourists must respect and respect the customs that apply in that place.

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