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Get to know melanoma skin cancer

Credits: Flickr
Get to know melanoma skin cancer - There may be many who don't know about melanoma skin cancer. This type of cancer is the development of melanocytes, skin pigment cells that function in producing melanin. The appearance of new moles or changes in existing moles is usually common signs or symptoms of melanoma.

As reported by Cancer Skin, melanoma cancer is dangerous because of its ability to spread to other organs quickly if not treated quickly. How dangerous is that?

Although it can be cured if detected early, melanoma cancer is difficult to treat if it has spread to the skin or other body parts, it can even be deadly.

Based on available data, an estimated 7,230 people in the United States have died of melanoma cancer from 98 percent who have this disease. Of that number, 4,740 were men and 2,490 were women.

On the other hand, as many as 192,310 cases were diagnosed with melanoma cancer during 2019 in the United States. Of that amount, 95,830 of them occurred in the upper layers of the skin. While 69,480 cases penetrate the second layer of skin.

Melanoma cancer is usually present in various shapes, sizes, and colors. That makes it difficult to recognize the signs. However, at least, that can happen to moles. When it starts on a mole that is already in the skin, melanoma can grow on the surface of the skin for some time before it penetrates deeper into the skin.

Although it can grow in almost any part of the body, melanoma is generally more likely to grow on a man's chest, legs in women and upper back.

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