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Healthy is Expensive, Secure the Finance Before Disease

Healthy is expensive. This simple sentence discusses how to restore health because illness can drain a lot of money. Especially if you are dealing with diseases such as heart disease, stroke, or diabetes that need special handling and expensive drugs. Before this problem occurs, it never hurts to make preparations in the financial sector like the following ways.

Recognize the Disease

Not a few who completely swallowed information about the disease being suffered. Be the person who best understands your own health condition. The role of the doctor is limited to examining, detecting diseases, then providing a treatment plan.

In order not to make the wrong decision, especially one that involves a large number of funds, do not hesitate to ask questions, for example relating to drugs or medication needed. This can not only save money but also speed recovery because of precise handling.

Healthy is Expensive, Secure the Finance Before Disease
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Choose the Right Health Insurance
Buying insurance to reduce the costs of coronation is still rarely done in the community. Indeed, initially, having health insurance or critical illness insurance is enough to burden your monthly finances, but it is quite comparable to what you get if you later risk getting the critical illness. The more benefits offered in insurance, the more expensive premium rates must be paid.

Make Special Savings
Not only protect health by having health insurance or permanent illness insurance, but there is also no harm in having exclusive savings. This is in case if there is an unexpected treatment action or not covered by insurance owned. Save part of the salary earned each month in a savings account that is opened correctly for emergencies and requires cash in a short time.

Take advantage of the benefits from the office
Every office must register its employees with BPJS Employment. Some provide facilities to employees in the form of additional insurance so that the health protection provided is more optimal.

There are many ways to use it to maintain health, ranging from consultation with doctors, health checks, to outpatient care. Usually, using a reimbursement system or monetary reimbursement, you should take advantage of the facilities provided by the office to save personal finances.

Cost Savings
To be able to pay insurance premiums or deposit sufficient funds for exclusive savings, start saving your expenses, especially those that contribute to triggering health problems. Reduce buying junk food or eating in restaurants, consumption of contemporary sweet drinks, to save on funds to subscribe to a TV and use it for gym costs.

Don't wait until you are seriously ill that makes you suffer financially. Do the best possible prevention and preparation to anticipate the worst that could happen in the future.

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