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13 Oct 2019

Romantic Staycation in Bogor West Java Indonesia, this is the Recommendation

HOLIDAY doesn't have to linger. The short and memorable vacation you can also do. Especially when it is not possible to take long leave.

You can take advantage of the weekend by staying away from the hustle and bustle of the Capital City. Many choices for the destination. Bandung and Bogor are favorites. Because the distance between the two destinations from Jakarta is not too far away. Most importantly, both Bandung and Bogor have complete tourism support. From the beautiful nature, cool air, to delicious food, everything is there.

Well, for those of you who want a short weekend with your partner, try doing a staycation. Choose a hotel that offers complete facilities and beautiful natural scenery. Here are the choices of hotels for a romantic staycation in Bogor.

1. R Hotel Rancamaya

(Photo: Instagram @rhrancamaya)

Only 65 km from the city of Jakarta, R Hotel Rancamaya offers a complete package for you who want to 'escape' from the fatigue of the capital city. Standing on 700 hectares of land, R Hotel Rancamaya offers luxury, golf courses, and tranquility within a frame of natural beauty.

You can choose one of the 138 rooms, suites and villas that this hotel offers. All of which gives you a beautiful view of Mount Salak, the Bogor landscape, and the vast golf course. Also, the hotel is equipped with a lagoon-style swimming pool along the 96 meters, including a pool for children. During your stay here, you can walk around the hotel garden or chat in the deer park in the hotel area.

2. The Nature Resort and Spa

(Photo: Instagram @pesonaalamresort)

For those of you who are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, this is the right choice. Situated on a hilltop in the area of ​​Cisarua, Pesona Alam Resort and Spa provides guests with natural beauty.

Pine forests surround this hotel providing a comfortable natural atmosphere. Really an escape from the hubbub of the big city. Every corner is very instagramable and beautiful to be photographed! Each room is designed modern, but still friendly with nature because it is dominated by wood.

The good thing is, this hotel which is located at Jalan Taman Safari No. 101, Kampung Baru Tegal, Cibeureum Village, Cisarua, Bogor, is not far from Cisarua Safari Park. That way, you can staycation while safari.

3. Jambuluwuk Ciawi Boutique Resort

(Photo: Instagram @jambuluwuk)

The name Jambuluwuk is already known as a nature-themed resort. Apart from Yogyakarta, Kota Batu, and Bali, Jambuluwuk is also present in the Puncak area. To be exact, this hotel is located at Tapos 63 Ciawi Veterans Highway, Bogor.

Like other Jambuluwuk resorts, this property in Puncak also offers accommodation in comfortable wooden villas. Not only that, the view offered by this resort is perfect. Mount Pangrango and Mount Salak become the backdrop that makes this resort feel romantic as well as comfortable.

4. JSI Resort

(Photo: MP/Rizki Fitrianto)

For you who have an adventurous spirit, you must choose JSI Resort. Besides offering unique accommodations, from glamping, rooms from containers, to wooden villas, JSI Resort also has an off-road track that you can try out with your partner.

JSI does have an off-road track as a facility for guests. The path is in the resort area. The level of difficulty is quite diverse. Starting from the rocky path, the usual slope and steep, mud, until the extreme bridge is there.

An off-road jungle package starts at Rp 500 thousand per person in a Land Rover Series car. With these facilities, you will be taken on an adventure to the extreme path outside the resort. The distance is about 60 kilometers with a distance of about 3 hours. Exciting right?

5. Mount Royal Tulip Golf Resort and Golf


Standing majestically on a mountainside on an area of ​​450 hectares, Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis Resort and Golf offers a blend of beautiful scenery and fresh air. Its location on the slopes of the mountain makes this resort feel comfortable and soothing.

There are 173 rooms and suites offered by this resort. All of them are equipped with 5-star hotel facilities. However, the most beautiful is the beautiful view of Mount Geulis from your private balcony. Wow!

With the cool, clean and beautiful air, you and your partner can exercise together. Choices range from golf, swimming, and other sports complexes.

How, ready to lift the suitcase and keep a staycation this weekend?

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