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14 Oct 2019

The 2020 Travel Trend, Anything?

The 2020 Travel Trend, Anything?
Towards the turn of the year, the company Online Agent Travel (OTA) predicts a new travel trend in 2020.

The trend is related to the needs and behavior of international tourists. To find out the behavior and needs of tourists, conducted a survey of 22,000 respondents in 29 tourist markets. The survey was held on August 9-28, 2019. Following are the results of the survey regarding changes in travel trends in 2020:

'Second City' tourist emergence

'Second city' tourism means exploration of unpopular destinations to reduce overtourism in key tourist destinations.

This trend is predicted to be increasingly in demand, a survey shows 54 percent of global travelers want to reduce excessive tourism. While 51 percent are willing to exchange their initial destination with a place that is not too famous with the consideration of minimal environmental impact.

The growth of tourism which has a good impact on local communities is also in demand (ecotourism). And 60 percent of global travelers want to access application services or sites that recommend it.

Technology expectations

In 2020, tourists increasingly prioritize technology in determining various important aspects of tourism. observes a ratio of 6 people out of 10 or 59 percent who expect technology to provide various options related to tourism in the coming years. 

Various applications will be increasingly loved, especially those offering recommendations on destinations, lodging, popularity, and activity preferences regarding travel history preferences, and weather factors.

While 46 percent of global travelers said they would use applications that make it easier to explore and book - accommodation and transportation - when traveling. Whereas 44 percent of travelers plan to use the application to plan activities.

Slow traveling predicts that next year 48 percent of travelers choose rather slow transportation. The comparison of 6 people out of 10, or 61 percent, will choose a further route to enjoy the trip.

Various types of transportation in exploring destinations include bicycles, trams, sleds, boats, and even walking. Even 57 percent of respondents said they did not mind to spend a lot of time on a trip as long as this type of transportation is unique. Then, another 64 percent want to feel the atmosphere of traveling as in the past a la Flying Scotsman and Orient Express.

Complete vacation

It is predicted that travelers in the future would prefer a complete, pleasant experience. According to, 54 percent of global travelers want to take long trips that offer a variety of activities and attractions. According to 62 percent of respondents, a variety of activities and attractions in one destination allows them to save time.

The travel industry will make it easier for travelers to adjust travel plans. users choose Montevideo (Uruguay), Ilhabela (Brazil), and Naha (Japan) as superior destinations that offer a complete experience in traveling.

Pet priority

Some 55 percent of global travelers consider pets as important friends. In 2020 it is predicted that many travelers who want to enjoy a pet trip. The need to bring pets is a concern for travelers in determining destinations, accommodations and activities.

Based on the survey, it is known that 42 percent of global travelers will choose a vacation destination that is likely to bring pets. While 49 percent are willing to pay more for pet-friendly accommodations.

This trend is also evident in the growing number of pet-friendly properties on Hospitality business people will look for innovations for pet-specific services, including free dog beds, animal spas, special room services, and even restaurants specifically for bringing pets.

Making holiday memories with grandparents

The percentage of the survey shows that 72 percent of travelers who have become grandparents want to enjoy a vacation with grandchildren. While 71 percent indicated that parents need a short break to enjoy free time without their children. predicts a holiday that offers a variety of activities for these two generations will be increasingly popular.

Hunting for restaurant information

The desire for culinary tours is not just a matter of the character of food or drinks. But now it is also influenced by recommendations from social media. predicts that not only famous restaurants or restaurants are in demand, but places that are rarely known to the public will be increasingly in demand.

Usually, the place tends to offer tastes that are appetizing to many travelers. Based on a survey, it is known that 71 percent of global travelers consider it important to eat from local food during the holidays.

Long-term travel plans

Based on a survey, it is known that 23 percent of respondents aged 18 -25 years, want to be able to retire before the age of 55 years. In 2020 there is expected to be a change in the way of global travelers to plan for a glorious year (age) to enjoy leisure time.

65 percent of global travelers see travel as the perfect way to spend leisure time. While 47 percent of global travelers respondents plan to be more willing to choose travel when retiring. And, 19 percent of those who have retired are planning a gap of years to be able to vacation a few months without interruption. However, 52 percent of travelers think that this can be done at various ages.

Interrelated things between retirement and travel at various ages will trigger various products. The product helps travelers to plan savings, related to retirement. Or, save for the possibility for a long journey in his life.

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