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4 Cool Travel Spot at Stage I Tour de Singkarak 2019

Padang - Stage I Tour de Singkarak 2019 starts from Gondoriah Beach, Kota Pariaman and ends at Istana Basa Pagaruyung, Tanah Datar District. In the 107.3 kilometer route, the racers, crew, and spectators can enjoy four cool tourist spots.

The four spots are Gondoriah Beach, Anai Valley, Pariangan Tanah Datar called the Most Beautiful Village in the World, and Istano Pagaruyung. Here is a review of these tourist destinations:

1. Gondoriah Beach

Beach is one of the leading destinations in the City of Pariaman. The sloping and beautiful beach was named Gondoriah in the early 1990s during the reign of Regent Zainal Bakar.

Tourists can enjoy the 'scent' of the beach with views of several small islands around it. Six small islands are quite close, namely Kasiak Island, Angso Duo Island, Tangah Island, Ujung Island, Gosong Island, and Bando Island.

Angso Duo Island can be accessed by tourists using tourist boats provided by the local government. It only takes 20 minutes from Gondoriah Beach to the island. Gondoriah Beach can be reached by train from Padang Simpang Haru Station.

2. Anai Valley 

Anai Valley. Image via:
Valley is located on the border of Padang Pariaman and Tanah Datar. There is a beautiful waterfall on the side of the Sumatra road. The scenery is also supported by the railroad bridge so that the scenery offered is increasingly attractive.

Tourists can stop and enjoy the clear and cold water directly. It could also just take pictures.

3. Flat Land Pariangan

Images Via:

Landfill Flat Landfill is rated as the most beautiful in the World Travel Budget version. The view of this village is vibrant with Minangkabau culture. There is a 300-year-old custom house and a 19th-century mosque.

The expansive fieldwork overlooking the foothills is a spectacular sight. The location is very instagramable.

4. Istano Pagaruyung

Credits: Youtube
Tourists can feel the sensation of wearing Minang traditional clothes at Istano Pagaruyung and witnessing several relics of the past. It can also ride odong-odong car or ride a horse to get around the palace courtyard.

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