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Be Careful, Coffee Worsens Stomach Cramps during Menstruation

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Abdominal cramps during menstruation are sometimes unbearable. Some people use pain medication or hot water bags to reduce it. Headaches that often appear are not infrequently encouraging people who are menstruating to drink coffee to relieve these feelings. 

However, health experts advise you to avoid consuming coffee during menstruation. As reported by Boldsky, Friday (11/29/2019), the caffeine content in coffee can aggravate stomach cramps that occur due to its diuretic nature, which increases urine production and dehydration conditions.

The caffeine that is in a cup of coffee when it enters your body will block the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) which regulates your anxiety level.

When your anxiety condition increases due to caffeine consumption while GABA is blocked, cramps will get worse. Anxiety is one of the causes of muscle cramps, and studies have found a connection with coffee consumption when you are menstruating.

A study confirms that drinking coffee during your menstrual cycle can stimulate excess hormones. Although coffee can help you fight fatigue, it can activate your stress hormones, causing an increase in cortisol.

Coffee also has the potential to suppress thyroid function, because it increases cortisol levels, which can cause a decrease in thyroid hormone regulation. This can generally worsen the symptoms of pain that arise from the menstrual cycle.

If you are a person who can't start a day without caffeine, then try some alternatives to coffee in the morning such as a glass of water in the morning, apple juice, or healthy snacks to increase energy.

Also, try consuming B vitamins and smoothies that can balance hormones in the body. Some things that can relieve symptoms of stomach cramps during menstruation include drinking plenty of water, green juice, ginger tea, chamomile flower tea or peppermint leaves.

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