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21 Nov 2019

Broken Ribs Due to Excessive Use of Sunscreen, How come?

Broken Ribs Due to Excessive Use of Sunscreen, How come?

Suspected from excessive use of the sun, a woman in China suffers from brittle bones.

As is well known, the use of sunscreen is indispensable to counteract the evil effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. It's just that excessive use of sunscreen can also make the body block vitamin D produced by sunlight which is good for the body. Until in the end, the bones become brittle.

The 20-year-old woman named after Xiao Miao came from eastern China in Zhejiang province.

Initially, he only experienced coughing and was diagnosed with asthma due to allergies. But the cough continued, the more intense until Xiao felt his left chest hurt badly.

When investigated further, it turns out that some of Mr. Xiao's left ribs broke and made his chest hurt when he coughed.

The doctor who treated Xiao then carried out many tests and revealed that Xiao has a lower bone density than the average population of Chinese women, especially women her age. He also suffered from vitamin D deficiency and had very low levels of calcium and blood phosphate.

Reported by from OddityCentral, Xiao claimed that he always uses a sunscreen with SPF 50. He also rarely leaves the room. That's all he did to avoid his skin turning black from the sun.

Xiao Miao's case is one of the proofs of the phenomenon where light-skinned Chinese people want to have pale white skin that is said to look like a wealthy noble.

On the other hand, the doctor who handled Xiao Miao's case confirmed to reporters in China that Xiao's habits had caused 10 broken ribs. The doctor also explained that people of Xiao's age could absorb needed vitamin D just by exposing their skin to the sun for 20 minutes three times a week.

But because of the excessive use of sunscreen, he does not have enough vitamin D. But according to Asia One's report, the problems experienced by Xiao Miao are also somewhat controversial. 

Some studies confirm the doctor's statement, while others show that the use of sunscreen will not inhibit the synthesis of vitamin D in the body.

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