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4 Foods and Drinks That Can Kill Cancer Cells

4 Foods and Drinks That Can Kill Cancer Cells - You are what you eat. This phrase seems to remind us to keep what enters the stomach. Because what you eat and drink can be a significant cause of cancer.

This can be prevented by observing the food you consume. But, in addition to knowing the list of foods that cause cancer, you also need to know what types of foods are to prevent disease.

So, what are the food menus? Here are four foods that can prevent cancer, as reported by Medical Daily.
Purple Potatoes 

4 Foods and Drinks That Can Kill Cancer Cells

According to researchers from Pennsylvania State University, eating purple potatoes every day for one week, proved to be effective in blocking harmful cells that can cause colon cancer.

Researchers say the bioactive anthocyanins, color- giving compounds in potatoes, which are contained in purple potatoes, can help reduce the risk of tumors and reduce the aggressiveness of cancer cells.

Green tea

Foods and Drinks That Can Kill Cancer Cells

Researchers in China found that green tea can help kill cancer stem cells. Because green tea provides epigallocatechin -3- gallate ( EGCG ), which triggers cancer cells to commit suicide and can reduce the growth of colon cancer stem cells by up to 50 percent.

Also, a study from the University of Salford in the UK shows that matcha green tea can also help fight cancer. Matcha green tea can kill cancer stem cells by cutting off their energy sources. This type of green tea is effective against breast cancer.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil can provide the body secoiridoids, metabolites that are effective in reducing the growth of breast cancer stem cells. In a study in animals, this type of olive oil can prevent the development of cancer and reduce tumor growth in animals that have had it.


Walnuts can help deal with colon cancer. These beans can help reduce the risk of developing the disease and increase the survival rate of patients.

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