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Allegedly Cause Mysterious Pneumonia, Beware of Corona Virus

Allegedly Cause Mysterious Pneumonia, Beware of Corona Virus - On 11 and 12 January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) has received further information from the National Health Commission about coronavirus that occurs in China. The Republic of China authorities has detected this new outbreak caused by a coronavirus that produced a mysterious case of pneumonia that occurred in Wuhan city. Among the 41 confirmed cases, there was one death. However, this death occurs in patients with other underlying severe medical conditions.

Until now, no cases have been identified in other countries. However, WHO is asking all countries to continue to carry out active monitoring and preparedness regarding the possibility of the spread of the coronavirus. So far, investigations are still being conducted so that the disease is not widespread.

Image by Alexandr Litovchenko from Pixabay

What is Coronavirus?

Chinese authorities say that the virus that causes mysterious pneumonia is named 'the 2019 coronavirus novel' (NovnCoV - 2019). So far, much remains to be learned about transmission, severity, and other features associated with this new coronavirus.

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasizes that there are no confirmed reports of person-to-person transmission. However, given what happened during the MERS and SARS outbreaks, the spread of person to person is not surprising.

Launch Healthline, corona means 'crown,' so that this virus has a crown-like shape when viewed under an electron microscope. Most coronaviruses are harmless, but they usually cause mild to moderate upper respiratory tract diseases, such as the common cold. Experts worry that this virus is similar to SARS and the more dangerous strain of MERS. SARS has a mortality rate of around 10 percent and MERS at 30 percent.

Steps of the Chinese Government to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak that causes mysterious pneumonia is linked to exposure at a seafood market in Wuhan. Since January 1, 2020, this market has been closed. Of the 41 reported cases, seven of them were seriously ill, and six patients were discharged from the hospital. So far, no additional cases have been detected since January 3, 2020.

The Chinese authorities have continued intensive surveillance and follow-up steps, as well as further epidemiological investigations. Experts in China say that the city of Wuhan is in a season that is vulnerable to the spread of infectious diseases. 

Therefore, residents are asked to do several things so that the coronavirus does not spread more broadly. You do this by watching and maintaining air circulation in the room, avoiding closed public places, not too often in crowded places, and wearing masks if needed.

Every infection is always a risk for every country because international travel is now effortless to do. Therefore, early detection and quarantine are essential steps in stopping the spread of this infection. Launch Healthline, the most common coronavirus spread from an infected person to others through:
  • Air, coughing and sneezing;
  • Personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands;
  • Moving an object or surface with a virus on it, then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes before washing hands.
The organism that causes the infection is a virus, for that particular antiviral drug has not been found. Therefore, immediately consult a hospital if you experience clinical signs and symptoms such as fever, cough, and difficulty breathing.

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