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28 Jan 2020

5 Coronavirus Processes Spread from Animals to Humans

Pneumonia caused by the coronavirus has been under discussion recently. The coronavirus originates from downtown Wuhan in China.

Then this virus spread throughout China and several countries in Asia, including the United States.

Quoting from the official WHO sites through Kompas.com, the coronavirus is caused by a large family of viruses that cause the common cold.

However, this disease can develop more severely, such as MERS and SARS.

This disease initially developed in December through seafood and meat in Wuhan.

This disease then spread in several Asian countries, including the United States.

Quoting from the Wall Street Journal, the latest case in the United States is a man from Washington aged around 30 years traveling to Wuhan China.

Meanwhile, in China, the outbreak of this disease has been confirmed.

The Coronavirus in Wuhan is known as coronavirus. This virus is called corona because it has a crown on its surface.

This virus infects several animals, such as bats, pigs, and small mammals.

But this virus can mutate quickly and can be transmitted from animals to humans, even to humans to humans.wsj.com, Table of transmission of coronavirus from animals to humans (wsj.com)

Over the last few years, this virus has developed and become an epidemic of infectious diseases throughout the world.

According to Timothy Sheahan of the University of North Carolina, with a simple picture of how the virus is transmitted from animals to humans.

There are 5 steps coronavirus transmitted to humans.

Some researchers aren't sure how the coronavirus first infected people in China.

The virus that causes SARS and MERS starts with bats and then gives clues.

Here are 5 ways the corona virus spreads to humans:

1. Protein in the outermost skin of the virus has the possibility to stick to cells in the host's respiratory tract.

After attaching to the host cell, the viral gene spreads to form proteins.

2. In order to be able to move to a new host such as animals to humans, this viral gene has mutations.

This mutation then changes the protein to the surface so that it allows the corona virus to attach to the cell of a new species.

3. In the case of SARS corona the virus can jump from bats to cats or mongoose before infecting humans.

While the MERS case, the coronavirus spreads through camels that function as hosts.

wsj.com, 5 steps spread of coronavirus from animal hosts to humans (wsj.com)

4. Coronaviruses can jump directly to humans, without mutating or passing intermediary species.

5. Researchers are not sure which animal is the host of the coronavirus or how it passes through various animals before infecting humans.

Is there a cure or vaccine to cure the coronavirus?

Until now, there has been no drug or vaccine approved by virus sufferers in Wuhan. Some antivirals sold in the market may be able to treat infections. Coronavirus research is currently being investigated.

Researchers are developing products to cure coronavirus sufferers.

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