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2 Jan 2020

8 Healthy Secrets of People Who Never Sick

Healthy Secrets of People Who Never Sick - Everyone certainly wants to be always healthy and fit. Because pain can hamper activities and often spend a lot of money on treatment. In order not to get sick quickly, especially in the rainy season like now, try to practice some good secrets from the book " The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick" by Gene Stone below, as reported by Reader's Digest. There is no harm in following tips from people who have never been sick.

8 Healthy Secrets of People Who Never Sick
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  • Good nap habits

It is well known that lack of sleep causes weight gain, damages the immune system, and increases the production of cortisol, a hormone that triggers stress. However, there is an easy way so that you have enough sleep and make your body healthy, namely taking a nap.

Sarnoff Mednick, professor of psychology at the University of Southern California, claimed he had never had a cold or flu because of his nap habits. The best time for a nap is between 1 and 3 pm.

  • Hang out with friends

Socializing with friends is as beneficial as maintaining food intake and exercising. Research has even found that good friends can protect you from any health problems, from memory loss, heart attacks, to infectious diseases.

In his book, Stone shares the story of Sydney Kling, a former nurse, and a teacher, who has hardly been ill for 75 years. Kling claimed the key to his health was because he continued to actively seek new friends. He also claims that socializing can increase self-confidence, which in turn will boost the immune system.

  • Maintain protein intake

People who consume less protein are found to have a weaker immune system. Therefore, protein is an essential macronutrient that works to help build muscle, repair tissue, and make enzymes and hormones. Try to include protein-rich foods at every meal so that you are not prone to getting sick, especially during the rainy season like this.

  • Limit sugar

Sugar inhibits the ability of white blood cells to destroy viruses and bacteria. By reducing the intake of added sugar, you also help the body so that it does not get sick quickly. On the other hand, excessive sugar consumption is hazardous because it is linked to obesity, which then increases your chances of getting diabetes and heart.

  • Enjoy the fresh air

One easy way to improve health is to come into contact with nature. Try a routine walk or just sit in the green park, so you get fresh air. Therefore, fresh air can ward off stress, reduce asthma symptoms, improve sleep quality, and improve hand coordination and sharpness of mind.

  • Diligent consumption of vitamins

It is essential to take additional vitamin supplements regularly. Relying on food alone might not be enough, especially if you feel that the diet you consume daily is not nutritionally balanced. Look for supplements that contain B vitamins, protein, and minerals. All of these substances are vital for physical health.

  • Weight lifting

Not only makes muscles strong but doing weight lifting can also reduce weight. In his book, Stone explains that weight training can make you not quickly get sick and reduce the risk of heart attack and depression.

  • Enjoy your leisure time.

If you are always exhausted, your risk of heart attack, diabetes, and intestinal syndrome will be high. One way to avoid this threat is to often relax and enjoy a relaxing time. That way, the body, and mind become calm and healthy.

How is it easy to follow these methods? People who have never been sick do have several healthy secrets that you cannot underestimate. Also, do not forget, consume at least 2 liters of water per day so that your body gets fitter.

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