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Investigating Coronavirus, Chinese Doctor Admits to Infection

A Chinese doctor who is investigating an outbreak of a new deadly virus in central China claimed he was infected.

Wang Guangfa, Head of the Lung Medicine Department at Peking University First Hospital in Beijing, was part of a team of experts who earlier this month visited Wuhan, the origin of the coronavirus.

The state TV station reported on Wednesday morning that Wang had been in isolation treatment since Tuesday because he was suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus.

"I was diagnosed, and my condition is fine," Wang told Hong Kong Cable TV on Tuesday, thanking the public for his concern. 

Medical officers bring patients at Jinyintan Hospital, Wuhan City, China, suspected of being infected by the coronavirus. (Photo: AFP)
The death toll from a type of coronavirus similar to flu, which officials have confirmed can be transmitted to fellow humans, increased to six by Tuesday. The number of coronavirus cases reported rose to more than 300 cases. While 15 medical workers were also infected.

Wang, who conducted research on severe respiratory infections (SARS) in 2003, said he was undergoing medical treatment and would soon get an injection. He did not tell how he could be infected with the virus.

"I don't want everyone to pay too much attention to my condition," he told the news channel.

On January 10, Wang told state media that the coronavirus outbreak appeared to be under control, with most patients showing mild symptoms and some of whom had been discharged.

Money could not be reached by Reuters on Tuesday.

Source: Antara / Reuters

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