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Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 2.360 lives, WHO Warns of Transmission

Coronavirus death toll reaches 2,360 lives, WHO warns of transmission - The number of victims killed by the coronavirus until Saturday (22/2) again increased to 2,360 people worldwide. Of these, 2,345 deaths occurred in China, and 15 other deaths occurred outside the region.

Hubei Province is the region with the highest number of deaths, 2,250 people. As is well known, the province is indeed the closest to the center of the outbreak, where the case was first detected in Wuhan city.

The Chinese National Health Commission noted, until Friday (21/2), there were 397 new cases of confirmed corona infection. However, the number of cases decreased compared to the previous day, which was 889 cases.

The accumulation of confirmed infection cases throughout China to date has been 76,288. The Chinese health authority also reported that a total of 20,659 patients had recovered and were discharged from the hospital.

Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 2.360 lives, WHO Warns of Transmission
In addition to China, the spread of the epidemic is also increasingly massive until it spreads to the Middle East.

Quoted from CNN International, Lebanon announced the country's first coronavirus case. Lebanese Health Minister Hammad Hassan said the patient was a 45-year-old woman who had just returned from the city of Qom, Iran. The government is also suspecting two other cases but has not been confirmed positively.

Hassan stated that all travelers returning from Iran would be quarantined for 14 days. Because before, Iran announced there were a total of 18 cases of coronavirus in the country, of which four people died of the virus.

Meanwhile, Israel also announced the first coronavirus case. The Israeli Ministry of Health announced the country's first coronavirus case after a woman was evacuated from a cruise ship in Japan.

The woman continued to be one of eleven passengers aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship flown back to Israel from Japan. Ten other passengers tested negative for the virus.

Thus, the number of deaths due to the corona outbreak outside of China became 15 people, of which Iran has the most fatalities of 4 people followed by Japan with 3 victims.

Then Hong Kong, South Korea, 2 people each died, while Taiwan, the Philippines, France, Italy: 1 victim each died.

WHO warning

The spread of the coronavirus is of great concern because transmission of the virus occurs in countries outside of China or among people who are not directly connected with Chinese citizens, said Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

WHO calls on several countries to continue quarantine steps while preparing for community transmission. "Quarantine measures in Wuhan and elsewhere can contain the spread of the virus and can help control it," he said.

He said the plague could still lead anywhere. Therefore, countries need to be prepared to face all possibilities.

Director of the WHO Infection Hazard Management Department, Sylvie Briand, said the agency is working to prepare the country's health care and workers with training.

He also made sure they knew how to protect themselves, and made certain countries had enough workers to handle case numbers.

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