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4 Feb 2020

Doctors Say People Without Symptoms Can Spread Coronavirus

The head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci said, people can spread the Wuhan coronavirus before symptoms appear. This was conveyed based on a new study in Germany published on Thursday (1/30/2020).

German researchers found the coronavirus was transmitted by people without symptoms in five incidents in one group of people. From parents to daughters, from the daughter to her two coworkers, and from one of the colleagues to the other two colleagues.

Doctors Say People Without Symptoms Can Spread Coronavirus
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"There is no doubt after reading this paper that asymptomatic (asymptomatic) transmission is happening," Anthony said.

Nearly a week, United States (US) health officials debate whether someone can spread the coronavirus during the incubation period when they are infected but not yet sick.

Previously, the Chinese Health Minister said the virus could spread without symptoms, but the US authorities were in doubt because Chinese health authorities did not provide evidence.

The question is fundamental because when asymptomatic transmission occurs, officials sometimes need to institute more dramatic control measures, such as tighter quarantine.

The Wuhan coronavirus was first identified in China in December 2019, killing more than 200 people and infecting nearly 10,000 in more than a dozen countries in the world.

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, German researchers described four business partners who were infected through the asymptomatic transmission. Infectious disease specialist and lead author of the paper, Dr. Camilla Rothe said the chain of transmission began on January 16 when a woman in Shanghai entertained her parents for a weekend visit.

The parents had visited Wuhan, the center of the coronavirus spread. They were healthy during their visit with their daughter but were later diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Three days later, on January 19, the woman left Shanghai and flew to Germany. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, he held a series of workshops with employees of auto parts suppliers outside Munich.

According to a New England Journal report, the woman was healthy during the workshop, showing no signs of illness. On January 22, the woman flew back to China and fell ill on a plane.

He was diagnosed with a virus and told the company, but by then it was too late. On January 24, two days after the Shanghai woman returned, two German employees who attended her workshop fell ill.

"They were in a joint workshop, they went to the company canteen together," Rothe said.

None of them were sick before. The first 33-year-old was healthy, had a fever of 102.4 degrees, and felt ill for several days afterward.

"He stayed in bed for the weekend, but Monday he felt fine," Rothe said.

The second person feels a slight sore throat and minimal cough. "He is clinically unspectacular," he continued.

Then on January 26, almost a week after the Shanghai woman infected the two men in the workshop, two more employees became ill. These employees have not yet attended the studio, but they had spent time with the first German patient before he showed any symptoms.

The two patients were also mildly ill with a slight sore throat and cough. The four employees were later tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus. They stay in the hospital not because of illness, but to withstand the spread of the virus.

Webasto, a German car supplier company, posted a press release on its website about the infection. The company temporarily closed its facilities in Stockdorf, Germany, and canceled business trips to China for at least the next two weeks.

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