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Heart Complaints and GERD Similar, What Differentiates?

Heart Complaints and GERD Similar, What Differentiates? - There are similarities between complaints of gastric acid and symptoms of heart disease. The two complaints experienced by the patient came from the solar plexus each. 

A cardiologist at Awal Bros Hospital, East Bekasi, Ronaldi, said that the similarity of claims between stomach acid and heart is referred to as transfer pain, which is pain that resembles stomach acid, even though the complaint is a disorder or heart attack.

How do you distinguish between stomach and heart acid complaints? According to Ronaldi, heart complaints themselves can actually be seen from two things, namely the characteristics of heart risk factors that cannot be controlled and the aspects of heart risk factors that cannot be controlled. 

The symptoms of the risk of heart that can not be controlled are the factors of age, sex, and heredity. Elderly owners have a higher risk of the heart than young owners. In terms of gender, men are more likely to get heart problems.

Heart Complaints and GERD Similar, What Differentiates?

On the other hand, heart risk characteristics can be controlled, such as high blood pressure, body cholesterol levels, diabetes or diabetes mellitus, and uric acid levels. Lifestyle such as smoking, food consumption, exercise can be controlled. "So, the risks that we can prevent are characteristics of risks that can be controlled because these risks can be detected through routine medical check-ups, check heart records, heart treadmills, and regularly consult with doctors," Ronaldi said.

Related to heart symptoms, Ronaldi also suggested that people should pay attention to some physical characteristics of heart symptoms such as angina pectoris or chest pain that is characteristic of the left chest pain to penetrate backward to spread to the left hand. "Other physical characteristics of heart symptoms are complaints of shortness of breath where the breath feels heavy and often palpitating and cold sweaty bodies," said Ronaldi.

If the physical characteristics are not detected or ignored by the heart sufferer, then the risk of a sudden heart attack or a heart attack can occur. "Usually sudden cardiac death is caused by physical symptoms, the characteristics of unmanageable heart risk, and the characteristics of an unmanageable heart risk are ignored," Ronaldi said.

If you have a heart attack, the patient should be immediately taken to the doctor for medical follow-ups, such as given oxygen and given drug therapy aimed at widening or restoring the blocked blood flow in the heart's blood vessels. To find out which part of a blocked blood vessel, patients can be performed ECG tests, heart treadmills, MSCT Coroner, and Angiography Coroner.

Conversely, according to Ronaldi, gastric acid itself is not associated with heart palpitations until the heartbeat stops. "Complaints are the same or similar, but that does not mean stomach acid causes heart attacks or vice versa. Complaints in the stomach can make a burning sensation in the pit of the stomach because the heart is also located close to the hole of the stomach, "Ronaldi said.

According to Ronaldi, the cause of shortness of breath due to stomach acid or GERD is more natural to detect early than shortness of breath due to the heart. If someone has an unhealthy lifestyle such as eating late or consuming excessive coffee, acid, and spicy food, then the potential for GERD can anytime arise.

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