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Lines of Deadly Disease Viruses That Attack Super Power Countries

Lines of Deadly Disease Viruses That Attack Super Power Countries - Deadly disease virus attacks several superpowers. The victims even reached tens of thousands of people. This fatal virus spreads very quickly to other countries.

These viruses can transmit the people closest to you. The following deadly viruses that spread in superpowers:

Lines of Deadly Disease Viruses That Attack Super Power Countries
Credits: (STR / AFP)


The coronavirus or 2019-nCoV has become a virus originating from Wuhan, China. Patients who suffer from this virus will experience coughing, flu, body fatigue, fever, until the condition of the body decreases. No medicine can cure this virus. But several doctors in China will treat corona patients in isolation rooms and provide immune vitamins.

As of Monday (10/2), 908 people died from corona, and 40,171 patients were infected throughout China. Then, 25 countries have been exposed to this virus. The WHO even gave the National Health Emergency for the coronavirus.

Bird flu

Bird flu or H5N1 also attack China. The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture said the new outbreak of bird flu occurred in Hunan Province. But so far, no virus infects humans.

"The H5N1 pathogen influenza outbreak occurred in a farm in the Shuangqing District of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province," a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture said Sunday (2/20).

Hunan Province is bordered by Hubei Province, the origin of the coronavirus.

According to Chinese authorities, the bird flu virus has infected 7,850 birds, and 4,500 birds have died from this disease.


The spread of flu outbreaks continues to increase in several regions in the United States. This was revealed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The range of the flu virus occurred during the first two weeks of 2020.

The flu virus is transmitted to 45 American states and Puerto Rico. According to the CDC, two types of influenza are contagious, namely influenza A and influenza B. But in recent weeks, there has been an increase in influenza A.

Influenza B virus is the flu virus most commonly experienced by children, including infants, and young adults. Until the age of 24, whereas influenza A is most commonly encountered in people aged 25 to 64 and 65 years and above.

As quoted from CNN, the CDC estimates that the flu season, which began on September 29, there were already 22 cases of influenza in the US, 210,000 were hospitalized, and 12,000 died from disease, 7 February 2020.

Japanese Encephalitis

In 2015, the Encephalitis or Japanese Encephalitis (JE) virus began to spread to several regions in Japan. This virus is a flavivirus that is associated with dengue fever, yellow fever, and West Nile virus. This virus spreads to humans through mosquito bites. Japanese encephalitis is the leading cause of viral encephalitis in Asian countries.

Most mild Japanese encephalitis virus infections show symptoms such as fever, headaches, or even some unclear symptoms. In severe infections, symptoms such as high fever, headache, stiff neck, unconsciousness, coma, convulsions, paralysis, and even death.

This disease can even cause death up to 30% in patients who experience symptoms. About 20% -30% of survivors experience permanent intellectual, behavioral, or neurological problems such as paralysis, recurrent seizures, or even begin to lose their ability to speak.

Japanese encephalitis is transmitted to humans through the bite of mosquitoes infected with culex, so it is known as the mosquito culex. When infected, a person does not develop enough viremia (a virus in the bloodstream) to affect the mosquito that bites it.

The virus is in a transmission cycle between mosquitoes, pigs, and/or waterbirds (enzootic cycle). This disease is mainly found in rural and suburban areas, where humans live very close to these animals.

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