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Men Are More Vulnerable To Infected Chinese Coronavirus Wuhan, This Is The Reason

An outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus that is rife in China is said to be more vulnerable to men than women. Is it true?

Dr. dr. Erlina Burhan, MSc, SpP (K) from the Infection Division of the Department of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine FKUI-RS Friendship, in the Layout Seminar and Media Coronavirus Plague: The Last Status in Indonesia, at FKUI Salemba, Thursday, January 30, 2020, said there were male reasons more susceptible to the Wuhan coronavirus than women.

Through his presentation, dr. Erlina said that the ratio of sick patients due to the coronavirus in China between men and women was 13: 4, or for every 13 men who contracted the coronavirus, there were only 4 women who tested positive for the same disease.

When asked further, dr. Erlina said, basically, it was caused by the number of men in China more than women.

"Because men are also more mobile and there are more malefactors than women in China," he said, quoted by network.

It also refers to how smoking habits, both in men and women, can damage the vibration or chilies in the airways.

"Smoking is one of the habits that must be avoided. Because cigarette smoke paralyzes the hair shakes or cilia that are in the airways, so it reduces the ability of the respiratory system to clean the airways," added Dr. Erlina.

As previously informed, the coronavirus infects the upper respiratory tract and, sometimes, the intestinal tract.

Through the same opportunity, dr. Fera Ibrahim, MSc, SpMK (K), Ph.D. from the Department of Microbiology FKUI, explained how men have more ACE2 Receptor than women.

"The virus, if you want to enter the cell, there must be a place for an entry that we call receptors. The Receptor (coronavirus) is ACE2, just like SARS. Now based on existing research on SARS, researchers are looking for ACE2 everywhere, then they see it turns out that the results are more dilated men than women, "concludes Dr. Fera

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