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These 5 Symptoms on the Body When Attacked by Coronavirus

These 5 Symptoms on the Body When Attacked by Coronavirus - Not many people know how the coronavirus or COVID-19 can infect more than 75 thousand people worldwide and kill as many as 2 thousand people. But one thing is clear that in severe cases, the coronavirus can have a very devastating effect on the body and not only affect the lungs.

These 5 Symptoms on the Body When Attacked by Coronavirus

1. Lungs

Like other coronavirus diseases, including SARS and MERS-CoV, COVID-19 is a disease that attacks the respiratory system so that the lungs are the organs that are first affected. Initial symptoms appear after 2 to 14 days when exposed to the virus.

The severity varies from mild or asymptomatic to fatal symptoms. Data on more than 17 thousand patients in China found that nearly 81 percent of cases were slight. The rest are severe or critical. When infected, COVID-19 causes fluid to leak from blood vessels in the lungs. The fluid collects in the air sacs or alveoli, which makes it difficult for the lungs to transfer oxygen into the blood.

2. Stomach and intestines

Some people with COVID-19 report gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea or diarrhea, although it is much less common than problems with the lungs. This was known after researchers reported the presence of COVID-19 virus in fecal samples.

3. The heart and blood vessels of

COVID-19 can also affect the heart and blood vessels. Insufficient blood entering the body's tissues due to lack of oxygen makes the heart rhythm irregular, or the blood pressure becomes low, so it requires medication. But so far, there is no indication that COVID-19 can directly damage the heart.

4. Heart and kidney

When liver cells become inflamed or damaged, it can trigger an enzyme leak into the bloodstream. One report found signs of liver damage in COVID-19 patients. Although it is still unclear whether a virus or drug causes the patient to have cost in the liver.

"When experiencing pneumonia, less oxygen circulates so that it can damage the kidneys," said James Cherry, a professor of pediatric research at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

5. Immune system

When experiencing any infection, the immune system will respond by attacking foreign viruses or bacteria. Although this immune response can cleanse the body of disease, sometimes it can cause damage to the body.

This condition is often called a 'cytokine storm.' Immune cells produce cytokines to fight infection, but if too much is released, it can cause problems. Much damage in the body during COVID-19 is called sepsis syndrome caused by a complex immune reaction.

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