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22 Mar 2020

9 Facts about Avigan, a Japanese-made flu drug that is believed to cure Coronavirus

9 Facts about Avigan, a Japanese-made flu drug that is believed to cure Coronavirus - The name Avigan is a breath of fresh air amid a coronavirus outbreak ( Covid-19 ) that is shaking the world. Anti-influenza drug production Japan was believed to cure patients who tested positive for the deadly virus.

Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology official Zhang Xinmin said Avigan had been clinically tested on 340 corona patients in Wuhan City and Shenzhen. The result, satisfying. According to him, there are signs of healing for Covid-19 patients.

"This has a high level of security and is clearly effective for treatment," Zhang was quoted as saying by NHK, as reported by The Guardian on Friday (3/20/2020).

Avigan is an anti-influenza virus drug developed by Toyama Chemical Co., a subsidiary of Fujifilm Holdings, Japan. Long before the corona case broke out, Avigan was used to treat positive patients for Ebola, a virus that spread in Africa.

9 Facts about Avigan, a Japanese-made flu drug that is believed to cure Coronavirus
Anti-influenza drug made by Fujifilm Toyama Chemical Japan Avigan. (Photo: Nikkei / Reuters).

Here are the facts of Avigan:

1. Anti-influenza drugs.

Avigan is an anti-influenza drug. The full name of this product is AVIGAN® Tablet 200mg, while the generic name is Favipiravir.

Quoting the Nikkei report titled "What kind of drugs are the new corona promising drugs 'Avigan' and 'Remdecivir'?", Avigan is intended to deal with influenza outbreaks if outbreaks of influenza virus strains do not work with the usual anti-influenza drugs (over-the-counter) available at the time this, namely, Tamiflu (oseltamivir).

According to Dr. Kathryn Effendi, an Indonesian citizen in Japan, Avian's mechanism of action that is different from anti-influenza drugs is generally expected to be an effective weapon when other drugs cannot be used.

2. Produced in 2014.

Avigan was developed by Toyama Chemical Co., a subsidiary of Fujifilm Holdings, Japan, and was produced starting in 2014. This drug is made specifically to treat RNA (Ribonucleic acid) or ribonucleic acid.

According to Nikkei, Avigan works as an RNA polymerase inhibitor, an enzyme that can build RNA. When the protein is paralyzed, the virus cannot replicate or duplicate itself from stem cells.

3. Hard drugs, not sold freely.

Don't expect to find Avigan on the market. This medicine is not sold freely. Avigan is a hard drug whose use is minimal, and strict alias must be prescribed by a doctor. Because it is not an over-the-counter medicine, there is no known market price.

4. Under the Control of the Japanese Government.

Avigan is not carelessly produced and circulated. This medicine may only be made with the approval of the Japanese GovernmentGovernment. Including the treatment of this coronavirus, the use of Avigan requires full government approval.

Fujifilm Holdings said the Japanese GovernmentGovernment had requested a study on increasing Avigan production. However, a health official told the Mainichi that the drug could be approved in early May. "But if clinical research results are delayed, consent can also be delayed."

5. Treat Ebola Patients.

In 2016, the Japanese Government once supplied favipiravir as emergency aid to deal with the Ebola virus outbreak in Guinea. This drug is declared effective in encouraging patient recovery. French health authorities who monitor the use of these drugs call the death rate down.

"The results are encouraging. They show a decrease in the number of deaths in adults and adolescents. The recovery process is accelerating, "the French authorities said after he met a doctor who worked on Ebola.

6. Cure STFS.

Not only Ebola, but Avigan is also claimed to cure severe fever with thrombocytopenia or STFS syndrome. The virus carried by animal fleas has spread in China, Korea, and Japan in 2013 ago.

7. Believed to Heal Corona.

Test results on positive corona patients given favipiravir in Shenzhen, he continued, turned negative after 4 days. While infected patients who are not given the drug takes an average of 11 days so that it becomes harmful.

The x-ray examination results also confirmed an improvement in the condition of the lungs of about 91 percent of patients taking favipiravir, compared with 62 percent of those who did not use the drug.

8. The danger for the Fetus.

Although it is thought to cure corona-positive patients, a source at the Japanese Ministry of Health said, this drug is not effective in people with severe symptoms.

"We have given Avigan to 70 to 80 people, but it doesn't seem to function properly when the virus has multiplied," the source told the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper. Not only that, but Fujifilm has also confirmed this drug is not for pregnant women because of the risk to the Fetus.

9. Jokowi Order 2 Million Pills.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that the GovernmentGovernment would bring in some drugs to cure corona patients. The drug is Avigan and Chloroquine.

For Avigan, 5,000 items have been imported and are currently in the process of ordering 2 million pills. The Chloroquine prepared 3 million. But it was not mentioned from which country the drug was ordered.

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