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4 Mar 2020

Alibaba Claims To Have an Accurate Coronavirus Detection Device in 20 Seconds

Alibaba Claims To Have an Accurate Coronavirus Detection Device in 20 Seconds - Technology giant from China, Alibaba, claims to have an artificial intelligence system (AI) that can detect the coronavirus alias Covid-19. Alibaba claimed that the device can detect Covid-19 in seconds with accuracy reaching 96 percent.

Launching The Next Web, the AI ​​system built by Alibaba utilizes CT scans to detect Covid-19. Unlike humans, which takes 15 minutes, Alibaba's AI system only takes 20 seconds to diagnose hundreds of CT scan images.

Alibaba's AI system has tested images and data from 5,000 Covid-19 cases that have been tested in hospitals in China. Also, 100 health facilities in China have used Alibaba-made AI for diagnosis.

The Alibaba Group headquarters in Hangzhou, China. REUTERS/Aly Song
In addition to being made by Alibaba, the health organization Ping An also announced a system capable of detecting Covid-19. A person from the Smart City division Geoff Kau said that the system was able to read CT scan images from 1,500 medical institutions.

"More than 5,000 patients have received free smart image reading services. This system can produce intelligent analysis results in about 15 seconds with an accuracy rate above 90 percent," Kau said.

Launch Nikkei, Alibaba's AI system uses computerized tomography scanning with an accuracy rate of 96 percent. The diagnostic algorithm was developed by the Alibaba Damo Academy research institute.

The system can identify differences in CT scans between patients infected with Covid-19 and those who have the common pneumonia virus with an accuracy of up to 96 percent.

The Chinese National Health Commission has added CT scan results in addition to the nucleic acid test method for diagnosis of Covid-19 infection. This was done to ensure that patients with clinical symptoms would receive standard treatment as soon as possible.

This new diagnosis system is not Alibaba's first attempt to use AI to combat Covid-19. Researchers from Damo Academy have previously developed AI-powered public health services that provide information related to Covid-19, aka SARS-CoV-2.

This system can answer most questions related to pandemics through an application.

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