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Bill Gates: Close America Right Now!

Bill Gates continues to speak out to ward off the coronavirus pandemic, which now extends to spread in his country, the United States. There is no other way, he said, America must be totally closed.

So far, only a few states in the United States, such as New York or California, have implemented a lockdown. But according to the founder of Microsoft, it will not be valid if it is not done totally and seriously for 6 to 10 weeks.

"China shut down, and they do it cruelly. After 6 weeks of a shutdown which is more extreme than US states, they can reopen, and the total number of cases becomes very, very small," he said in an interview with CNN.

While the US states vary in policies to ward off the coronavirus. On the other hand, mass tests are also considered Gates has not been too massive.

Photo: TED Talks
"We are entering a severe period where if we do it right, we only need to do it once in 6 to 10 weeks. But it must be the entire territory of the country," he stressed.

"We have to raise the level of tests to make sure we only go through one shut down so we can deal with health problems and really stop them before there is a big death rate," said Melinda's husband.

Although the number of sufferers is decreasing between one region and another, there is no reason not to do a complete shutdown. The faster America does it, the better.

Because according to Gates, America has lost the opportunity to not shutdown because previously, it was not aggressively conducting tests and isolation of COVID-19 sufferers.

Gates also considers President Donald Trump's desire to open the lockdown in April impossible. "We are still blind to many cases of coronavirus at this time. Light will not be available at the end of the tunnel to reopen (lockdown) in mid-April," he said.

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