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8 Mar 2020

California Announces Coronavirus Emergency Status

California Announces Coronavirus Emergency Status - The California governor announced an emergency status in response to the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 in his state on Wednesday.

The emergency status will encourage the provision of resources to help California prepare for a more full spread of the virus.

Quoted from CNN, March 5, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom said during a press conference Wednesday that the announcement of the emergency status was "not about money, it's about resources."

"Money is not a problem," Newsom added.

He also explained that the emergency status of the Coronavirus would loosen the scope of regulations, provide clarity, and would also allow states to prevent local land use. It will also help jurisdictions share information and data, beneficial to overcome the spread, Newsom said.

The first California death due to the virus was an elderly person in Placer County, near Sacramento, health officials said. The person has an underlying health problem and is likely to have been exposed to a cruise ship between San Francisco and Mexico last month.

Credits: Reuters
It was the death of the first Coronavirus in the United States outside Washington state, where 10 people have died in at least 39 infections that have emerged through the transmission of the virus community in two areas of Seattle.

Although the Placer County patient who died was not believed to have contracted the virus locally, the case and that previously from the San Francisco Bay Area were related to the same cruise ship, had caused health authorities to seek other cruise passengers who might have close contact with the two individuals.

Hours after the man's death was announced, California Governor Gavin Newsom said there were 53 cases in the country's most populous state.

"The State of California is mobilizing every level of government to help identify cases and slow the spread of the Coronavirus," Newsom said.

Newsom said the cruise ship, named Grand Princess, then sailed to Hawaii and returned to San Francisco, but would not be allowed into the port until passengers had been inspected.

"We caught the boat offshore," Newsom said.

Six new Coronavirus patients were confirmed in Los Angeles County, public health officials said Wednesday. One of them is a federal contractor who may have been exposed when conducting medical examinations at Los Angeles International Airport, according to the US Department of Homeland Security.

The other three may have been infected while traveling recently to northern Italy, one of the most affected areas outside Europe. Of the six patients in Los Angeles County, only one was hospitalized. Five other Coronavirus patients recovered in isolation at home.

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