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11 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Update: 66.216 Healed, 4.368 Dead

Coronavirus Update: 66.216 Healed, 4.368 Dead
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Coronavirus Update - More and more troubling, the Covid-19 coronavirus has now spread to 119 countries and territories worldwide. Various prevention and treatment efforts were mobilized to deal with this outbreak.

The dashboard online website in real-time on Wednesday (11/3/2020) at 21.27 West Indonesia Time recorded the total number of cases was 121,061. This number is increasing day by day.

The details, cases of infection that now occur are 49,501 cases with 88 percent or 43,454 in mild conditions, while 12 percent or 6,047 are in difficult or critical situations.

The cure rate rose to 94 percent or 65,138 in numbers. Iran became one of the countries outside of Asia with a rapid recovery rate of 2,731, with an additional 881 new cases, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 8,042.

The first cases were reported in Turkey, the Republic of the Congo, Jamaica, Panama, and Mongolia. The early deaths were recorded in Lebanon and Morocco.

From the UK, Health Minister Nadine Dorris reported positive contracting the deadly virus. Quoted by the BBC, he said he had run all the recommended precautions and isolated himself at home.

He then wrote a tweet on his Twitter account, "My situation is bad, but I wish I could get through it now."

But he added that he was worried about his 84-year-old mother who lived with him. The mother began to show symptoms of coughing since yesterday, Tuesday (03/10/2020).

While in Indonesia, Covid-19 Handling Government Spokesperson Achmad Yurianto announced that there were 8 positive coronavirus patients on Tuesday (3/10/2020). Thus, the total number of coronavirus patients in Indonesia is 27 people.

"The addition of positive confirmation from numbers 20 to 27. The total number of 8 (increased)," said Yurianto at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/3/2020).

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