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Doctor: Wearing a Mask Can Increase Risk of Coronavirus

Doctor: Wearing a Mask Can Increase Risk of Coronavirus - Infection Prevention Specialist Prof. Eli Perencevich, MD, stated that the use of masks is not very useful in warding off coronavirus. Thus the use of masks can increase the risk.

"There is no evidence that wearing a mask on healthy people will protect them. They misuse it, and can increase the risk of infection because they touch their faces more often, "Perencevich said, as quoted by Forbes, Wednesday (03/04)

"Wearing a mask is a dilemma because it can actually create a false sense of security," said Dr. Perencevich.

"If you don't wash your hands before removing and after removing the mask, you can actually increase the risk," he added.

Doctor: Wearing a Mask Can Increase Risk of Coronavirus

Dr. Perencevich added, even if confident enough to be careful in wearing, using, and disposing of a mask properly, buying a cover amid deficiencies would make it difficult for health workers.

"The most alarming thing is that if our health workers are sick and have to stay at home, then we lose the doctors and nurses we need to get through this epidemic," Dr. Perencevich.

Launching, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at the Faculty of Medicine at Lowa University even emphasized, "Even if your neighbor is infected, you don't need to wear a mask."

According to Perencevich, both ordinary face masks, surgical masks, respirator masks, even N95 masks will not be effective in protecting against coronaviruses.

Use a Mask when sick.

Most people buy masks because they want to block the entry of the virus through the nose and mouth. Even though the coronavirus does not spread through the air. Covid-19 is confirmed to be transmitted through drooling, sneezing, or coughing.

Therefore, the use of a mask when feeling sick is quite crucial because it will dispel drool to come out.

"If you have a cold or suspect you have COVID-19, that's when you have to wear a mask to protect others. At home, if you feel sick, use a mask to protect family members." Perencevich.

Besides that, for the sick, Dr. Perencevich also states that the use of masks is highly recommended only for people who treat corona patients.

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