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Experts Need 5 Days on Someone to Show Symptoms of Coronavirus

Experts Need 5 Days on Someone to Show Symptoms of Coronavirus

Experts Need 5 Days on Someone to Show Symptoms of Coronavirus - Teams of scientists from the United States are still analyzing cases of the coronavirus that has become epidemic in China and more than 100 other countries in the world.

The analysis was carried out to understand more about the disease from Wuhan.

Reported by, the scientists confirmed, it takes an average of five days for someone to experience symptoms of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, someone will be free of symptoms on the 12th day.

However, it is possible they still carry pathogens.
"This finding is the best 'quick' estimate you have at the moment, based on a total of 181 cases," said lead researcher, Prof. Justin Lessler, of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

However, Lessler added, people still need a lot to learn about the coronavirus.

Because research cannot clearly target how many people experience symptoms overall.

Experts believe, most people who are infected will only experience mild illness.

In fact, some people don't experience any symptoms but carry viruses.

Prof. Jonathan Ball, the molecular virologist at Nottingham University, said that for most cases, the incubation period and quarantine period for new coronaviruses will take up to 14 days.

"There is some evidence that people can routinely transmit the virus during periods without symptoms," Ball said.

Therefore, the researchers suggest that people who can transmit the coronavirus, whether they have symptoms or not, to isolate themselves for 14 days.

This needs to be done to avoid spreading to others.

COVID-19 can also be very serious and deadly for some people, especially in older people with previously poor health.

The best ways to protect yourself and help prevent infections include:

  •  Avoid close contact with unhealthy people
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Use a tissue to cover the cough and sneeze, then throw it in the trash and wash your hands
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water

The coronavirus or Covid-19 has spread to Indonesia.

At present, researchers think that 5-40 cases of coronavirus in 1,000 instances will lead to death.

In other words, the chance of death in the case of the coronavirus is equal to 9 in 1,000, or about one percent.

That is not much different from what was stated by the British Health and Social Care Secretariat, Matth Hancock.

In his statement, Hancock said the coronavirus death rate according to the British Government's assessment was two percent, or even lower.

However, it depends on several factors.

Factors that influence include age, sex, general health, and the health system in which a person is located.

Reported by the BBC, calculating the chance of death caused by the coronavirus is a complicated job.

Most cases cannot be counted because people tend not to go to the doctor when they experience mild symptoms.

According to research by Imperial College London, the mortality rate in each country is different.

Because it all depends on the ability of the state to detect the presence of mild symptoms.

Milder symptoms are more difficult to calculate the case.

If the data used were only data from Hubei China, where the death rate was much higher than elsewhere, then the overall death rate would look much worse.

Risk of Death Based on Age, Health, and Gender

Some age groups are more likely to die if exposed to the coronavirus.

They are parents, people who are not healthy, and maybe men.

In the first significant analysis of the coronavirus case in China, the death rate was ten times higher in ancient people compared to middle-aged people.

The lowest mortality rate is in the age group under the 30s.

In 4,500 cases, there were only eight deaths under the age of 30.

Meanwhile, for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart or respiratory problems, they are five times more likely to die of Covid-19.

The number of deaths is also slightly higher among men compared to women.

All of these factors interact with each other.

However, researchers do not yet have a complete picture of the risk of each age group in each country.

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