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There is no cure yet, how can a coronavirus positive patient recover?

There is no cure yet, how can a coronavirus positive patient recover? - Good news came from patients who tested positive for a new type of coronavirus, SARS-COV2, the cause of Covid-19. Five positive Covid-19 patients in Indonesia have recovered and were allowed to go home.

Globally, the cure rate of coronavirus positive patients in the world is also relatively high. The cure rate is more than 50% of the total number infected. This gives optimism that the coronavirus can be defeated, although until now there is no cure or vaccine to overcome this virus.

Then, what is the key to healing patients who were previously declared infected with the coronavirus? When asked about this, Government Spokesperson for Corona Virus Handling Achmad Yurianto said, the key was only one, namely body immunity. Yuri warned, only the body's resistance can ward off all types of viruses, including the coronavirus.
There is no cure yet, how can a coronavirus positive patient recover?
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"Yes, there certainly is, that is the endurance of the body (patient). It means, if the immune system is not good, it will not heal," said Yuri, when contacted by, Friday (13/3). Because, until now, no drugs have been found to treat the coronavirus.

Therefore, until now, the treatment carried out for patients with coronavirus positive only through extensive therapy. "So immune is only good and bad, if it is good, it speeds up the recovery," said Yuri.

Previously, on several occasions, Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto always reminded the public to maintain body immunity. He stressed, there is nothing more effective in warding off the coronavirus than strong body immunity. "There is nothing in this world that is greater (warding off the coronavirus), better, except our own body's immunity," Terawan said, as reported by, Tuesday (3/3).

How to maintain body immunity?
Terawan said several things must be considered, including adequate food intake and rest, and implementing healthy living movements. Not only a physical condition, but a state of mind must also be positive.

He asked the public not to worry too much. Anxiety can reduce body immunity. The day before, Monday (2/3), Terawan said that those who had proper protection would not be infected. "Not all who come into contact will get sick. The sick ones, their body immunity is low," Terawan said.

How after being declared healed?
Patients who have been cured of SARS-COV2 infection must be self-isolated or self-isolated upon arrival at home. Yuri said that the cured patient must wear a mask even in the house, maintain his health condition, and not use eating and drinking utensils together with his other family. "Other family members don't mind if you don't wear a mask, it was the patient who was sick before," Yuri said.

He said there was no need for those who were cured to undergo another test. However, the person concerned must exercise control at the hospital as specified. "If there are no complaints, then it will not be tested again. It has been tested twice before, and the results are negative. All patients who are out of treatment are still in control of the hospital," said Yuri.

Tips for maintaining body immunity
As a preventative measure, besides implementing a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining cleanliness by frequently washing hands, what can be done to maintain body immunity?

Citing, March 2, 2020, here are three simple steps to maintain immunity:

1. Reducing stress
Stress is one of the keys to immunity. Specialist infectious diseases, Sandra Kesh MD, revealed, stress conditions can affect everything from brain health, weight, to immunity.

2. Healthy lifestyle
When sleeping, our immune system will repair itself. Allergy and immunologist Heather Monday, MD, says mitochondria cleanse themselves, while the liver does most of the detoxification.

Try to sleep for seven to eight hours every night. This is thought to help keep our body alert to harmful pathogens.

3. Balanced in applying cleanliness
Cleaning any surface that we handle excessively will also have an adverse impact. Do it in a balanced manner. Although it sounds scary, the body also needs a little exposure to germs for the immune system. So, just wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after touching something that looks dirty, eats, or go to the bathroom.

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