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24 Mar 2020

This Woman is Coronavirus Positive With Different Symptoms

This woman is coronavirus positive with different symptoms - An American woman told of her condition that was affirmed infected with the coronavirus COVID-19. Before knowing himself confidently, this woman named Julia Buscaglia did have a history of traveling to a country at risk, namely Italy, on February 29, 2020.

However, at that time, Julia did not feel symptoms that led to COVID-19, such as dry cough, shortness of breath, and fever. The 20-year-old woman said she felt her body ache when she woke up that day.

"I feel my head throbbing, my ears buzzing, and my throat feels like burning. Besides, my body hurts, feels cold, and after being measured, my body temperature is 37.8 degrees Celsius," he was quoted as saying by the Daily Star.

This Woman is Coronavirus Positive With Different Symptoms
Some COVID-19 patients show different symptoms than usual. (Photo: AP Photo)
To overcome his complaints, he took anti-inflammatory drugs and was in bed all day. However, until his last day in Italy on March 3, the situation has not changed. He could not hear. Clearly, his head was still throbbing, even lost his sense of smell and taste, also though he did not have the flu.

Finally, he tried to treat his complaints by taking paracetamol and resting to return to America the next morning. Arriving in America, he was encouraged to conduct an independent quarantine from March 5-13. During that time, all of Julia's sensory functions returned to normal and showed no symptoms of COVID-19.

But, on March 13, Julia finally underwent the COVID-19 test because of her family's encouragement before returning to work. The next day, Julia was reportedly positive with COVID-19.

"I was surprised, how could I be positive? In fact, I did not have symptoms like the one on the news. However, the doctor said I had just returned from a risky country, and to be positive also did not always show symptoms," Julia said.

Under these circumstances, Julia had to undergo quarantine at her home and not come out until she was tested twice with negative results. During quarantine, he is required to report his body temperature every day to health workers.

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