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Coronavirus Has 3 Weaknesses, Not Only Soap, and Disinfectant

The new coronavirus is spreading quickly. The virus that causes COVID-19 has infected more than one million people worldwide in a short time. Launching from, no wonder many people are worried, especially since there is no vaccine and the right medicine. But, did you know that this virus also has weaknesses?

The weakness of this coronavirus can be used to prevent transmission, so your risk of COVID-19 can be lower. So far, scientists, researchers, and health workers have devised ways to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 through these weaknesses.

Coronavirus Has 3 Weaknesses, Not Only Soap, and Disinfectant
Credits: pixabay
Here are three weaknesses of the coronavirus that you need to know.

1. Easily crushed with soap
What is a fat solvent? Yes, that's right, abundant waters are the soap we use every day. Coronavirus, can be destroyed and die if exposed to soap. That is why we are recommended to diligently wash hands with soap and water to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Then, why is soap effective for killing the coronavirus? The answer is in the composition of the virus itself. Coronavirus is basically composed of three parts, namely DNA or RNA, which is the core of the virus, a protein which is the raw material for the virus to multiply, and a layer of fat as an outer protector.

The three parts are actually not firmly attached to each other. So, when the fat layer is destroyed by soap, the virus will be destroyed and die.

So, the call to wash hands is a logical and beneficial step to prevent COVID-19 transmission. If you diligently clean your hands with soap and running water, then the possibility of the virus moving from the sides and into the body will be reduced dramatically.

2. Can be defeated by antibodies
COVID-19 infection can occur in several severities, ranging from mild to severe. In COVID-19 patients who have mild symptoms, this infection can resolve on its own as long as the body's immune system is excellent.

A study conducted in Australia agrees that one of the weaknesses of the coronavirus is in dealing with healthy antibodies. This study looked at regularly the levels of antibodies produced by a 47-year-old COVID-19 patient with mild to moderate symptoms.

Such patients do not have concomitant diseases such as hypertension or diabetes. His overall body condition is healthy, and there is only one infection that is happening, namely COVID-19.

On days 7-9, since the symptoms of COVID-19 first appeared in these patients, several antibodies began to form in the body. This is a sign, the body is issuing various weapons to try to fight the coronavirus. A few days after the antibodies formed, the patient's body began to improve.

Indeed, further research is still needed on a larger scale to see the pattern of "war" between the coronavirus and antibodies. However, the above analysis can serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining endurance by living a healthy lifestyle.

3. Can be killed by disinfecting
Coronaviruses have many types. There is a coronavirus that causes SARS, MERS, and currently, a new species is found, resulting in COVID-19. Each of them does have differences and still needs more research. But so far, it is known that, in general, the character of the coronavirus family is quite similar, which is considered weak if it has to deal with disinfectant material.

Based on research results, the coronavirus that causes SARS and MERS can survive on the surface of objects such as metal, glass, or plastic for several days. Although so far, there has been no research on the resistance of the virus that causes COVID-19 on the surface, it is thought the results are not much different from other coronavirus cousins.

The good news, the virus is considered to be inactive with disinfectants such as alcohol with 60-70% levels, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite

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