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8 Apr 2020

How to make a fabric mask without a sewing machine

How to make a fabric mask without a sewing machine - Amid the scarcity of face masks at this time, many people turn the way to make their own masks. One thing you can do is use a patchwork to make a mask. However, many are retreating in the middle of the road because they have to make masks using a sewing machine.

In fact, not only do fabric masks have to use a sewing machine. By merely using patchwork, thread, and sewing needles, you can be creative creating fabric masks. Launching the New York Times, here's how to make cloth masks without using a sewing machine.

What you need:

1. Needles and sewing thread

2. Scissors

3. pin or needle pins for smoothing the fabric

4. 50x50cm cotton fabric

5. 4 pieces of cotton rope with a length of 45cm or 4 pieces of clean shoelaces
How to make a fabric mask without a sewing machine
Fabric Mask Illustration Photo: Doc. Shutterstock

How to make:

1. Prepare a cotton cloth, fold it in half and cut into a rectangle with a length of 24cm and a width of 17cm. This is the essential part of the fabric mask

2. Cut four pieces of thin cotton fabric with a length of about 18cm. Fold it into three sections and stretch straight across the folds to make the structure look neat

3. Take one piece of rectangular fabric, use a pin to put the fabric that has been formed into ropes on all four sides. Make sure that the long string is collected in the middle of the fabric

4. Take the other part of the fabric and align it with the original cloth (stack of the second cloth on the rope). Each side of the fabric must face each other. Embed needle pins so that the fabric does not change position

5. Start sewing the fabric mask from the bottom center to the lower-left corner, don't forget to sew the strap so that it sticks with the fabric. While sewing, remove the needle pins that you use as a marker. You can sew with double stitching technique (back and forth) so that the stitch is stronger

6. Continue sewing around the mask and leave about 2-3cm of fabric that has not been sewn, then turn the material so that the strap is outside and continue sewing until all parts are wholly stitched

7. At the front of the mask, make three folds as you fold the paper fan. This method helps the fabric mask adjust to the wearer's face. Pin the pin as a fold mark

Nayara and mask products. Photo: Instagram @
8. With the folded display, sew the mask once more at a distance of 1cm from the edge. You can also do double stitching so that the stitches are more durable and denser.

Voila! Fabric masks are ready to use. But before that, you are advised to wash it first.

Ladies, ready to make your own fabric masks as a pastime when social distancing at home?

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