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6 Apr 2020

Inedible Coronavirus Hoax, A Group of Britons Burn BTS Tower

Inedible Coronavirus Hoaks, A Group of Britons Burn BTS Tower - The sad and shocking news came from the land of Queen Elisabeth. This news is in the form where a group of people deliberately burned tower base transceiver receivers (BTS). This was triggered by the circulation of information about a conspiracy about the Coronavirus that was spread through the 5G network.

Hoax news about this conspiracy theory, circulated among the British people through videos on YouTube channels and social media accounts like Facebook. As a result, some people believed and started burning the BTS towers.

The BBC reported that there were at least 3 5G towers that were destroyed by burning by several communities last week.

Inedible Coronavirus Hoax, A Group of Britons Burn BTS Tower
Credits: Pixabay
Reports of the burning of these BTS towers appear in several regions in the UK, such as Birmingham, Liverpool, and Melling on Merseyside. At present, the local fire department and the police are conducting identification and investigation into this case.

This case was then widely discussed and made several stakeholders in the UK issue a statement.
"I am furious and disgusted that people will take action on the infrastructure we need to overcome this emergency," Stephen Powis, director of the National Health Service (NHS), told the British Coronavirus daily briefing.

In theory, claiming that the new Coronavirus originated from Wuhan, this happened because China recently launched 5G. And now it is spreading to other cities that also use 5G. Conspiracy theories also state that highly infectious viruses will naturally spread more in densely populated cities with access to 5G.

Of course, the above cannot be justified, given that the coronavirus pandemic has hit countries that haven't even implemented 5G networks such as Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan.

There is not even scientific evidence linking the coronavirus pandemic with 5G, nor are there any direct adverse health effects to 5G.

In fact, Full fact, an independent fact-checking body in the UK has also explored the claim after a British tabloid newspaper highlighted them recently. 5G does use radio wave frequencies higher than 4G or 3G, but regulators in the UK also revealed that the 5G electromagnetic radiation level is far below international thresholds.

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