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Ramadan Fasting Increases Immunity From Coronavirus

Coronavirus continues to "hug" anyone tightly. Especially to the elderly and have little immunity. Coronavirus brought it to the afterlife.

To those who are still young. Corona was also happy to meet him. Although finally, the young one can escape the corona trap. Young people rarely die.

The vaccine that was sought did not change. Though corona is accustomed to dress differently. Mutated into several. Which finally makes the vaccine could not hit. Unfortunately, the vaccine has not yet been met.

No matter how much effort there is. Return to available immunity. Can withstand a corona attack. Or just lay down hoping for the compassion of the corona the "taker" of life.

Ramadan Fasting Increases Immunity
Let's try, mapping the perfect immune lighter. Starting from don't panic, optimism, excellent stamina to make the soul partner. Partnering with God, humans, and the universe. Partnership soul, affectionate with all. Sincere compassion for the sake of God alone, among others through fasting, especially Ramadan fasting, how can that be?

Fasting (shiyam) Ramadan is, holding back food and drink, with husbands, from the dawn (shubuh) to the sunset (maghrib). This is what most Muslims understand. Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) says, "How many people fast but he does not get enough from his hunger except hunger and thirst". This is said because, fasting is not just a refrain of the above three things, but the fact of shiyam is to refrain from things that invalidate fasting. The things that cancel fasting broadly are summarized as self-destructive, at the expense of others.

This meaning is in line with the overall meaning of Islam. That Islam is rahmatan Lil 'aalaminn. Islam is here to bring mercy to the universe. Grace for this universe will be present if every individual can manage themselves well. Being able to withstand what's bad for him, even worse for others. It is the same as commanding ourselves to always behave well, to always be active only for those who benefit, also for the environment.

The environment in question can be human, animal, plant, and whole being. In psychology, self-restraint (shiyam in Arabic), is the same as suppressing id, ego, I, myself, suppressing self-interest for mutual benefit. Islam commands "irhamuu man fil ardl, yarhamkum man fis samaa", mercy/love anyone on earth you will be loved by anyone in heaven. Even in one of the Qur'anic letters, the attempt to seek refuge in Allah (Creator, King, God of man) from within is specifically emphasized using a single letter, the letter of the Naas.

Thus, because of the importance of humans protecting from bad efforts that come from within him. Also because the beginning of mistakes is from within. See how the first sin committed by the devil, is because he is arrogant, feels himself better (ana khairun minhu) so he does not want to submit to Allah's command. namely prostration/respect to Adam as. Also because of an error within him (spiteful), the devil continues to try to misery humans, starting Adam as. until all of his offspring. Ramadan fasting is one of the main ways to train yourself to be in control so that you can pour out mercy, compassion on the universe rather than prioritizing yourself.


means immunity. Immune means the body's immune to biological disorders, disorders that cause people to become sick. People who have good immunity rarely get sick, even if it hurts, it will heal easily. While people who are weak immunity will easily get sick, if it is sick in general, the pain suffered by longer recovery.

Various ways were taken by people to be able to increase their body immunity, including through immunization, doing regular exercise, and meeting healthy food intake. In his journal article entitled, "The Role of Psychological Well-Being in Boosting Immune Response: An Optimal Effort for Tackling Infection" (2018) the writer found a different way. In the article, it was proven that many international researchers found scientific facts that, people who have good character, among others, have good self-control, have a high level of immunity.

Internal medicine expert Larry Dossey, a researcher who has been the editor-in-chief of two international scientific journals in the US for nearly a decade, collects many articles that show people who can hold themselves well, are not selfish, have a healthy life, have a successful career, have a happy home life, and long life. Even if they are sick, they recover quickly. Bernie Siegel, a native US surgeon, found evidence of 57 cases of breast carcinoma sufferers, healed completely after they changed their behavior, leading to rahmatan lil'aalaamiin behavior.

So Ramadan fasting which emphasizes self-control so that it can always benefit the universe should be able to make life more healthy, have perfect immunity, grow happier, and live longer.

Free Radical Reverse Immunity

In general, free radicals can be likened to radical organizations in state life. This type of organization is banned by the government because it likes to make trouble, causing security instability, causing the lives of citizens to be less calm. In the body, the word organization is replaced by molecules. So there are molecules in the body that lose electrons, so they become radical groups. Free radicals, working towards destruction. Of course, these molecules must be minimized so that the body is not easily damaged, not old quickly.

As a result of free radicals on the skin, causing the skin to be easily damaged, looks dull. Blood vessels that degrade in quality due to free radicals, can have a serious impact. To the heart can go to the coronary heart, to the brain can go to a stroke.

The self-control function born of shiyam obligation leads the culprit to achieve emotional balance. Emotional balance leads to lower levels of stress. Low levels of stress, increase the immune system, also suppress the production of free radicals. Thus, the perfect shiyam, not only enhances the body's immunity but also makes the body not easily damaged, which is young.

So, Ramadan fasting requires Muslim believers to live healthier, immunity jumps, corona unable to blow. Ramadan fasting becomes a solid solution to crash corona outbreaks! We are happy that Ramadan fasting is coming soon, marhaban ya Ramadan!
AbdurachmanProfessor of the Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, IDI East Java Expert Council, President of the Asia Pacific International Congress of Anatomist-6, Researcher on Anatomy of Personality

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