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Viral Suspect Coronavirus Live on Facebook Before Died

Recently viral a video of a coronavirus suspect patient venting live on Facebook. The live video of a female patient with the initials EA was done last Friday (3/4).

In the video that has circulated on social media, EA is seen lying in the hospital. With heavy breathing, he broadcasts live on Facebook. On that occasion, he complained about the hospital services, where he underwent treatment after being determined as a coronavirus suspect.

Images: harianaceh
EA revealed that at that time, he felt tightness in the chest. In such conditions, he must call and wait for about two hours when he wants to drink. Even when they want to eat, the rice given according to him is not feasible because it is still hard.

"My chest is already tight. Calling for a nurse to ask for a drink, two hours just came. I was told to eat, but the rice is still worthy of being called raw rice. Is it worth eating by a patient?" write the EA in the upload just before doing live on Facebook.

When doing a live broadcast, EA also looks breathless. He repeatedly breathed heavily while holding his chest. His voice sounded very weak.

Previously, EA also briefly wrote on Facebook related to a request to the Mayor of Padangsidempuan to deign him as being treated at the Adam Malik General Hospital in Medan. Because, according to him, there have better facilities than Padangsidempuan Regional Hospital, where he was treated.

"My suffocation is getting worse here, sir. Please help me with my reference," he wrote.

Curhatan EA on Facebook was suddenly crowded on social media. Until finally, the curtain reached the local government. EA, who was found to be pregnant, was then referred to the Adam Malik General Hospital Medan. It's just that his life was not helped while traveling.

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