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14 May 2020

10 of the Best Learning Geology Photos of 2016

A picture is worth a thousand words, but not all pictures are created equal. The pictures we usually feature onLearning Geology are field pictures showing Geological structures and features and many of them are high quality gem and mineral pictures. The purpose is to encourage students and professionals' activities by promoting "learning and scope" of Geology through our blogs.

In the give up of 2016, we're sharing with you the 10 satisfactory snap shots of 2016 which we've got published on our page.

P.S: we usually try our best to credit every and each photographer or website, however now and again it?S not possible to track some of them. Please go away a remark in case you recognize approximately the lacking ones.

1. Folds from Basque France

 Image Credits: Yaqub ShahYaqub Shah

2. Horst and Graben Structure in Zanjan, Iran

Image Credits:https://www.Instagram.Com/amazhda

three. A specific Normal Fault

four. The Rock Cycle

Therock cycle illustrates the formation, alteration, destruction, and reformation of earth materials, and typically over long periods of geologic time. The rock cycle portrays the collective system of processes, and the resulting products that form, at or below the earth surface.The illustration below illustrates the rock cycle with the common names of rocks, minerals, and sediments associated with each group of earth materials: sediments, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, and igneous rocks.

Image Credits: Phil Stoffer

5. An amazing Botryoidal specimen for Goethite fans!

Image Credits: Moha Mezane

6. Basalt outcrop of the Semail Ophiolite, Wadi Jizzi, Oman

Image Credits: Christopher Spencer

Christopher Spencer is founder of an high-quality technological know-how outreach program named as Traveling Geologist. Visit his website to research from him

7. Val Gardena Dolomites, Northern Italy

8. Beautiful fern fossil found in Potsville Formation from Pennsylvania.

The ferns maximum generally found are Alethopteris, Neuropteris, Pecopteris, and Sphenophyllum.

Image Credits: Kurt Jaccoud

9. Snowball garnet in schist

Syn-kinematic crystals in which ?Snowball garnet? With noticeably turned around spiral Si.

Porphyroblast is ~ five mm in diameter.

From Yardley et al. (1990) Atlas of Metamorphic Rocks and their Textures.

10. Trilobite Specimen from Wheeler Formation, Utah

The Wheeler Shale is of Cambrian age and is a international famous locality for prolific trilobite stays.

Image Credits: Paleo Fossils

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