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10 of the Best Learning Geology Videos of 2017

Following are the pleasant movies of 2017.

Some of the videos are part of ourLive Virtual Field Tours project and Video Lecture Series while some videos were reposted by us.

1. Live from Kamokuna Ocean Entry, Big Island of Hawaii

2. Live from Tucson Gem Show, Tucson, Arizona

3. The landslide of Maierato, Vibo Valentia, Calabria, Italy

4. A double terminated Quartz being pulled from a pocket in the Alps.

Five. An exceptional footage of a Flash flood

6. Live from Kaibab Limestone, South Rim, Grand Canyon

7. Earthquakes and the Richter scale with Fabiana fromGeologia da Terra

8. Learn all approximately Actinolite with Chad keel

9. Soil Erosion

10. Live from Mount Hood with Andrew Dunning ofBetterGeology

Huge way to all who contribute films to us and way to every person for looking! :)

Want to make a contribution? Read hints right here.

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