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3D Geological Model of Pakistan

We are glad to proportion you that our co-founder, Muhammad Qasim Mehmood with his magnificence fellows have organized a geological version which became presented at All Pakistan Science Fest hosted with the aid of UET Science Society at 20/04/17.

Here is the short introduction of model:

It is a 3D geological model of Pakistan that suggests specifically tectonic department of mountain degrees of Pakistan. The version demonstrates the predominant/well-known deposits of Pakistan like Petroleum, Minerals/Gemstones, Uranium, Coal along with different geographical functions like dams and rivers.

It is a non-operating version (length: five?6 feet approximately) supported especially via wooden forums and other cementing fabric. It is using thermocol sheets, maps, big paper sheets, graphs, paints and mechanical and medical goods as in keeping with the requirement of a specific version.

This unique version cover the topics of Plate Tectonics, Structural Geology, Economic Geology and others. Also the scholars have added the future components of Geo-economics like Kalabagh Dam, CPEC direction, oil and gasoline wells in Baluchistan and offshore wells in Arabian Sea near Gwadar.

The version is showing the following geological aspects of Pakistan:

1. Major Geological Basins of Pakistan i.E. Indus Basin and Balochistan Basin

2. Major Thrusts in Northern Pakistan

     Main Karakoram Thrust (MKT)

     Main Mantle Thrust (MMT)

     Main Central Thrust (MCT)

     Main Boundary Thrust (MBT)

     Salt Range Thrust / Himalayan Frontal Thrust

3.  Mountain Ranges of Pakistan

     Some mountain ranges of Pakistan is shown on the model located in North-West to              South-West of Pakistan which has important geological significance in distinguishing            Indus Basin from Balochistan Basin

4.  Famous Peaks of Pakistan

     Mount Godwin-Austen (k2) - World's second maximum height

     Nanga Parbat ( The Killer Mountain) - World's ninth highest height

     Tirich Mir - highest height in Hindukush Range

five. Major Fuel of Pakistan

     Oil wells in Potwar Plateau and in Balochistan

     Gas wells in Sui, Balochistan - biggest gas reserve in Pakistan

     Coal reserves in Thar - World's 16th biggest coal reserve in Pakistan

     Uranium reserves in Siwalik Hills west of Dera Ghazi Khan

6. Famous Gem Stone of Pakistan

Emerald from Mingora, Swat

    Aquamarine fromHunza Valley,Gilgit-Baltistan    Tourmaline from Skardu District, Gilgit Baltistan

And two future potentialities for the improvement of Geo-economics of Pakistan:

1. Kalabagh Dam (to be made)

2. China Pakistan Economic Corridor -CPEC (construction under process) western route.

Following are some of the maps (received from internet) which we keep in mind all through the making ready of our model

Map showing Geological Basins of Pakistan

Source: GSP

Tectonic Map of Pakistan

Source: GSP

Political Map of Pakistan

Source: Unknown

Tectonic Map of Pakistan & India showing major regional thrusts

Source: Unknown

CPEC map

Source: CPEC website And some photos captured during the preparation of model

Cutting of thermocol sheet

coloring thermocol sheet with finishing paint

Hasan creating "finishing of paint" with paint spatula scraper

final look of Stage 1
Umer Amin sketching map on model and fixing sticks for projections and heights

sketches of mountain ranges and river tributaries and sticks for average height of each range and peak

all things are made perfect due to plotting of each point according to longitude and latitude

a great Atlas Book

maps and maps

a rough look of model showing mountain ranges made with Plaster of Paris

Completion of Stage 2

team work!!!

after using distemper paint

And finally after painting and drawing river tributaries, fixing sign boards of cities and much more, the model is:

3D Geological Model of Pakistan

3D Geological Model of Pakistan

Legend for the model

Geological tools, Gemstones, Rocks and Fuel (Coal and Crude Oil)

Featuring Qasim Mehmood (Co founder of Learning Geology), on left


Rana Faizan Saleem, my class mate and Founder of Geology for Beginners

Students of Institute of Geology, University of the Punjab

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