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23 May 2020

Andradite Gemstone

Andradite is a species of the garnet group. It was named after the Brazilian mineralogist José Bonifácio de Andrade e Silva (1763–1838). Andradite includes three varieties:

  1. Melanite: Black in color, referred to as "titanian andradite".
  2. Demantoid: Vivid green in color, one of the most valuable and rare stones in the gemological world.
  3. Topazolite: Yellow-green in color and sometimes of high enough quality to be cut into a faceted gemstone, it is rarer than demantoid.



It occurs in skarns developed in contact metamorphosed impure limestones or calcic igneous rocks; in chlorite schists and serpentinites and in alkalic igneous rocks (typically titaniferous). Associated minerals include vesuvianite, chlorite, epidote, spinel, calcite, dolomite and magnetite. It is found in Italy, the Ural Mountains of Russia, Arizona and California and in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast in Ukraine. Like the other garnets, andradite crystallizes in the cubic space group, with unit-cell parameter of 12.051 Å at 100 K. The spin structure of andradite contains two mutually canted equivalent antiferromagnetic sublattices below the Néel temperature.


The energies and recovery powers of Andradite Garnet reflect the energy and protection of all garnets. Its physical restoration electricity encourages the stimulation and regeneration of blood, the assimilation of crucial minerals, and strengthens the immune device.

Emotionally, Andradite Garnet brings strength, stability and stability, selling self-self assurance and self-esteem. It is associated with the Base, Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, opening up the mind to higher wondering and higher relationships, and stimulating creativity, will and cognizance.

It is a effective religious purifier. Andradite Garnet degrees in coloration power from green to dark olive, deep yellow, and a glossy black. Melanite, the black range is an awesome meditation useful resource with effective grounding capabilities.

A host of angels are associated with Andradite's shade energies and it honors two Goddesses. Garnet is the traditional birthstone of January, and Andradite is the herbal birthstones of those born in the inside the heart of spring (April 20-May 20) and the beginning of summer time (June 21-July 21).

Garnet is the zodiac stone for the ones born beneath the sign Aquarius, and is an Enhancer Strengthener crystal. It has the residences of Wood and Water energies, and is a talisman of protection.

Chemical FormulaCa3Fe3+ 2Si3O12
ColourRed, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Gray, Black, Multicoloured
Hardness6.5 - 7.5
Crystal SystemIsometric
Refractive Index1.888 - 1.889
SG3.8 - 3.9
TransparencyTransparent to opaque
Double RefractionNone
LusterAdamantine, submetallic
Mineral ClassAndradite (Garnet)

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