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Diet Strategies for Patients with a Heart History

Diet Strategies for Patients with a Heart History - For people who have a history of heart, diet is a big enough problem. Though these habits can slow down or narrow the heart's blood vessels and prevent complications.

You can add a diet that can save the heart and reduce foods that can have a worse impact on the heart.

Therefore, people with a history of heart need to adopt a dietary strategy. Here are some tips cited from the WebMD page on Wednesday (6/5/2020).

1. Eating High Fiber Foods

Choose foods that contain high fiber such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. You can combine all these types of food in a delicious dish such as salad or juice. Avoid using sugar or high-fat cheese.

2. Increase Protein


Eat foods that are rich in protein such as eggs, fish, meat, and other sources of vegetable protein.

3. Reducing Salt


Although reducing the amount of salt in food, you can still add various types of spices to enrich the taste. This natural way is considered better for suppressing the increase in blood pressure.

4. Choosing the Right Carbohydrates


It is better to replace white rice with sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown or black rice. This is very important to do to inhibit the increase in blood sugar levels in the body.

5. Adjust your diet

For people with a history of heart disease, must regulate the diet and types of food that will be consumed. This affects cholesterol levels and body fat burning.

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