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18 May 2020


Dumortierite is a fibrous variably colouredaluminium boro-silicate mineral, Al7BO3(SiO4)3O3. Dumortierite crystallises in the orthorhombic system typically forming fibrous aggregates of slender prismatic crystals. The crystals are vitreous and vary in colour from brown, blue, and green to more rare violet and pink. Substitution of iron and other tri-valent elements for aluminium result in the colour variations. It has a Mohs hardness of 7 and a specific gravity of 3.3 to 3.4. Crystals show pleochroism from red to blue to violet. Dumortierite quartz is blue coloured quartz containing abundant dumortierite inclusions.

Dumortierite was first described in 1881 for an occurrence in Chaponost, in the Rhône-Alps of France and named for the French paleontologist Eugène Dumortier (1803–1873). It typically occurs in high temperature aluminium rich regional metamorphic rocks, those resulting from contact metamorphism and also in boron rich pegmatites. The most extensive investigation on dumortierite was done on samples from the high grade metamorphic Gfohl unit in Austria.

It is used within the manufacture of excessive grade porcelain. It is every now and then fallacious for sodalite and has been used as imitation lapis lazuli.

Sources of Dumortierite include Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Madagascar, Namibia, Nevada, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia and Sri Lanka.

This Tumbled Dumortierite is a great coloration of blue and is mined in Africa. Usually found in deposits near water, Dumortierite become once referred to as "Petrified Water" via a number of its discoverers. The sort of blue colour in Blue Dumortierite can come from manganese, iron, and/or zinc inclusions.

Dumortierite brings a sense of relaxation, calm and harmony, and may be used to lessen pressure-related situations like headaches and tension. Stamina is improved through Dumortierite, and the stone can help make ugly, monotonous obligations less complicated to naked.

Dumortierite offers soothing vibrations that inspire staying power with the herbal order of the Universe. This movement can help one to stay in a country of permitting, accepting that the technique of manifestation may fit greater slowly at instances. Dumortierite additionally promotes an knowledge of karma and forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness. A exact Throat Chakra stone, Blue Dumortierite makes spiritual ideas easier to specific, and additionally encourages the person to speak up for him/herself.

Dumortierite complements organizational capabilities, self-discipline and orderliness. Dumortierite can be used to reduce excitability (in particular in youngsters), remove stubbornness, and increase persistence.

Carry or wear Dumortierite to feel calm and comfy in any state of affairs.

Chemical FormulaAlAl6O3BSi3O18
ColourBlue, Pink, Purple
Crystal SystemOrthorhombic
Refractive Index1.67 - 1.72
SG3.3 - 3.4
TransparencyTranslucent to opaque
Double Refraction0.01 - 0.04
LusterVitreous, silky
Mineral ClassDumortierite

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