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9 May 2020

GoodFellows: Cold War 2 - Barokong

The latest GoodFellows, on just how much we need to ramp up Cold War 2 against China.

Since it was two against one, and I didn't get a response in, I'll add one unfair late hit. In discussing Huawei, and whether Chinese state planning would allow them "economic dominance" in the next decades, my colleagues jumped to the charge that Huawei equipment would include nasty backdoors that the Chinese government would use to spy on us.

I think here they confused "economic competition" with security competition. The topic was whether state planning could give a nation "economic domination" of anything important. The reply that we need to worry about security implications does not answer the question.

The charge I think has also been overstated. Huawei has every interest to assure people its equipment does not have back doors, and my impression is they convinced the UK pretty well on that. Moreover, the US government is explicit in its desire that Apple and other US companies give the NSA back doors. I would welcome more knowledgeable commentary on this issue before next week.

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