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4 May 2020

Our aim and YOUR support!

Our aim to run this website is to promote Geology. We strive to encourage students' research by promoting "scope" of Geology through sharing articles, blogs, photos, documentaries and videos. So how we are doing it? We publish blogs and articles at our website. We hosts Live Virtual Field Tours with the support of our contributors from all around the world to encourage everyone to learn geology. We also make and share our own geology educational videos. We made a group named as “Learning Geology community” that has now more than 22,000 members from all over the world and the group is expanding more and more. We always do our best to share every geologic news and discovery at our social media sites. We love to give announcement of new and upcoming geology related books at our page. We appreciate other geology websites and channels by sharing frequently their content at our website.
Geologist Laura Crossey stands at the edge of a weathering pit overlooking Lake Powell in early March.

Photo byGary Ladd Photography We need YOU! Our fulfillment could not have been possible with out your regular support and encouragement. Your ardour for geology drives us to maintain this amazing work. Currently, our participants are from Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sweden, Brazil, Norway, and United States of America. We are looking ahead for greater individuals to assist us in persevering with and enhancing this paintings for our worldwide community. You may be a contributing author at our internet site or you can join us for our technology outreach challenge. Be a part of our team! Email us to geologylearn@gmail.Com or inbox us at our (this) Facebook web page. We are looking forward to having you on our team. Thank you for being a reader and a contributor! Keep Learning Geology! -Team Learning Geology

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