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13 May 2020

P'u'u O'o Crater, Hawai'i, 2005

Video Credits: Th. Böckel

Pu?U ???? (frequently written Puu Oo) is a volcanic cone within the eastern rift sector of the K?Lauea volcano of the Hawaiian Islands. Pu?U ???? Has been erupting continuously for the reason that January 3, 1983, making it the longest-lived rift-area eruption of the closing two centuries.

By January 2005, 2.7 cubic kilometers (zero.65 cu mi) of magma included a place of more than 117 square kilometers (45 squaremi) and introduced 230 acres (zero.93 km2) of land to the Southeast coast of Hawai?I. So a ways, the eruption has claimed 189 homes and 14 kilometres (eight.7 mi) of highways, in addition to a church, a store, the Waha?Ula Visitor Centre, and plenty of historical Hawaiian websites, inclusive of the Waha?Ula heiau. The coastal highway has been closed seeing that 1987, because it has been buried beneath lava as much as 35 meters (115 feet) thick.

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