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2 May 2020

Where does energy in U.S come from? [Guest Article]

Looking at the charts beneath, you could see that electricity consumption has grown significantly each 12 months and in 2018, it hit an all-time high. However, you?Ll observe a few changes within the manner we use each energy supply. Coal is the only strength supply below that has suffered a decline and renewable power has these days surpassed nuclear power. As new technologies are advanced, we are finding new approaches to satisfy the accelerated strength call for. The future of power consumption will appearance very unique than it does these days.

home energy use infographic

Where does power in US come from?

By no wonder, oil has been the most important and maximum famous source of electricity. Since the 1950s, oil and herbal gasoline were used to warmth houses. Now in 2020, you already know that petroleum is used for plenty different motives and industries, from powering our cars to packaging merchandise in plastic.

Although coal became any other famous source of power, it has been on the decline for the previous couple of a long time. It?S much less green than different assets and negatively impacts the environment. To solution that trouble, the U.S. Has been investing in renewable electricity assets. Wind, sun, and geothermal strength are proving to be wonderful resources for a clean future.

Are renewables the future?

Although handiest 11% of U.S. Strength manufacturing comes from renewable assets, it's miles anticipated to develop. Solar, wind, and geothermal era strength are 3 of the pinnacle sources for renewable power. Among those, wind is the quickest developing and judging from the production map, it has wide geographic potential as properly. Geothermal strength, which makes use of underground temperatures to switch power, is turning into a famous opportunity for domestic heating and cooling. Of path, residential solar panels are gaining huge adoption as nicely. As renewable energy alternatives become greater to be had, the power consumption panorama is probable to transport in the direction of a greater sustainable future.

This infographic from The Zebra walks through the records of strength use, in which strength is produced, and what the future of energy may additionally appear to be.

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