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7 Sept 2020

Cold sweaty palms are not necessarily heart disease

Cold sweaty palms are often identified with symptoms of heart disease. However, a cardiologist and blood vessel specialist Adrian Widya Nugraha said this could be a condition of hyperhidrosis.

"This could be a phenomenon of hyperhidrosis, which is a condition in which the sweat glands produce excessive sweat in certain parts of the body or on the palms of the hands," said the doctor who practices at dr. Iskak Tulungagung, East Java.

Andriawan said the lack of public knowledge about the physical symptoms of heart disease often creates misunderstandings. If a person only feels cold sweat without certain symptoms, it is not certain that it is a reaction from heart disease.

Cold sweaty palms are not necessarily heart disease
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Then, what are the early signs of people with heart disease? For example, a person may experience excessive cold sweating on the feet and hands which is followed by other symptoms. Such as pain in the left chest, shortness of breath, and the heart feels racing (excessive heartbeat).

"If someone experiences similar things, it is possible that these symptoms are heart disease. But not necessarily. Before being examined by an expert, it cannot be concluded because every individual does not have the same symptoms," he said as quoted by Antara. 

Hyperhidrosis Problem

Andriawan explained that hyperhidrosis is caused by two factors. First, primary hyperhidrosis, which is the symptoms that are not known with certainty but can be seen from genetic or hereditary factors.

Second, secondary hyperhidrosis, namely certain medical conditions such as heart attacks, infectious diseases, low sugar levels and so on.

"The causes of primary hyperdrosis generally occur in the palms, soles of the feet and sometimes the face. Meanwhile, secondary hyperhidrosis occurs in almost all parts of the body. Therefore, people who do not understand medically should not worry first. If you experience the same thing, immediately contact an expert. ," he said.


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